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Madrid is really cool for various reasons. One of them is the plethora of free newspapers available to commuters, published Monday through Friday. There are various types: ones with more pop culture, other with international happenings, and even one (named “20 Seconds”) that writes articles the length of which it would take the average person to read between metro stops. Spaniards are generally well-read, partly, I believe, because of the amount of time they spend commuting. We can add “Not being able to read while commuting because I will have to drive a car” to my list of “What I Will Miss About Living In Spain” list. It’s a long list.

Today, I grabbed an abandoned metro paper, Qué!, as I headed into work.

Oh, funny story. So today, I overslept for the first time in the whole year! Guess what today is? The last Monday of the last week of school. Ha. Joke’s on me. Luckily, I only missed a language exchange between me and another teacher, making it into work just in the nick of time for my classes.

I scanned through the paper, reading about sundry things, when I hit the Sudoku page. I am a sucker for Sudoku. And it was an easy one. I got out my pen, and started filling it in. As I hit my stop, I started to stow my newspaper away. As I had the paper folded over while working on the puzzle, I missed this fancy little headline: “Atlanta Police Warn Against Zombie Invasion.”

It’s true folks! Atlanta made Sudoku page news! This small article didn’t mention that Atlanta was a city in the state of Georgia in the big US of A, but when I saw that the Atlanta Police had placed signs on “one of the busiest streets in Cobb Country” I knew it was Atlanta, sweet Atlanta!

As I said earlier, this is my last week of classes so I am currently quite busy! I leave this coming weekend to Cáceres, a city in the south-west of Spain, to celebrate my roommate Raquel’s birthday. Afterwards, I will be alternating between trips and saying good bye to this great city. I hope to put out a few more posts before the end of my stay, so stay posted!

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